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How Well Do You Really Know Your Ideal Client?

Creating the ideal client We’ve all done the exercise. It’s the first thing you’re taught when you first start your business: Create an ideal client avatar. This vision of your…

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Myths vs. Facts about the World’s Most Used Website Builder

Myths vs. Facts about the World’s Most Used Website Builder For something so popular, there certainly are a lot of myths surrounding WordPress – the world’s most used Website Builder…

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Quick and Easy Website Tweaks to Automate your Sales Funnel

Quick and Easy Website Tweaks to Automate Your Sales Funnel When it comes to making best use of your time, you need to automate your sales funnel. It allows you…

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How to work smarter not harder

So how does a small business owner understand how and when to work smarter? Let me tell you a story… Last week I had an interaction with a man with…


Blogging Basics: How to Get More Eyes on Your Website

Why blogging works for your business The internet has an insatiable appetite for information. Billions of searches are conducted every single day. For anyone who conducts business online, these searches…


Making the Most of Your Time: 5 Productivity Tips for Business Owners

Making the Most of Your Time It’s not enough to dream of success. It’s not even enough to set goals. The only way to truly build the business you’re meant…


The Importance of Using Systems as a Business Owner

If you’ve ever looked at another entrepreneur and wondered how she manages to get it all done, the answer might surprise you. She’s got good systems. It’s true. The most…


Seven Surprising Places You’re Using Copywriting (And You Probably Don’t Realise It)

When you hear the word “copywriting” do you immediately think of long sales pages, squeeze pages, and unwanted junk mail? You’re not alone in that thinking, but the fact is,…


Build a business, not another job

Build a business, not another job Many people dream of having their own business, being their own boss, and having the freedom to only take on clients and projects they…


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Freedom Solutions Ltd, Virtual Assistant Services. I love a new year, it gives me the chance to reflect on the past year and look at the…