3 Proven Ways to Market Your New Business

3 Proven Ways to Market Your New Business

The world is filled with great ideas and broke business owners with fabulous products but no sales because they don’t know how to market their offering.

The fact is, ideas are not what drives most business success. Marketing does. So before you resign from your day job to branch out on your own, it pays to have a solid marketing plan in place. Start with these 3 ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Free Webinars

For information product sellers, coaches, and service providers, one of the best sources of new clients is in free training webinars. No matter what your niche, the promise of free training is enough to entice potential clients to part with an email address and an hour of their time. You’ll be able to use their email address for marketing later as long as they give consent.

Not only that, but webinars are a fantastic way for those potential customers to get to know you better. And the better they know you, the more likely they are to buy.

Content Marketing

Not comfortable hosting a webinar? Take to your laptop and start sharing your thoughts and ideas via your blog, e-books, guest articles and other written content. For internet marketers, this gives readers a taste of what they can expect from your product. If you sell physical products, it provides the perfect opportunity to share usage tips and other information with your buyers.

Of course, there’s another important benefit to content marketing: search engine optimisation (SEO). Google and other search engines index the words on your website and use the information to present search results to their users. Content marketing is a tool you can use to maximise these results, and to bring more potential buyers to your website.

Paid Advertising

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google and plenty of other sites all offer paid placement. With today’s powerful analytics tools, it’s easy to create ads and drive traffic inexpensively. Consider starting with Facebook, since the cost is low and it’s easy to target your ads to your ideal client. Once you’ve perfected your funnel, you can branch out into more costly ads with a larger reach, such as Google AdWords or another ad network.

Don’t limit yourself to these three marketing methods though. There are dozens of others you can try, including affiliate programs, JV partnerships, automated funnels, direct mail campaigns, and even television advertising. The key is to keep testing and tweaking to make the most of every marketing effort, so that your business continues to grow.

A Virtual Assistant has very likely been through all of these methods and more to market her own business. I know I certainly have. Why not give me a call on 07701 351686 to discuss how I can help your business grow? And if you’re happy, please see my list of services to find out how else I can help.

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