How to work smarter not harder

So how does a small business owner understand how and when to work smarter? Let me tell you a story…

Last week I had an interaction with a man with a push bike.

I know what you’re thinking – it wasn’t the usual angry car driver or Lycra lunatic encounter. The man in question was middle aged and quietly spoken, and clearly a hardworking time pressed individual.

For a month now, I’d seen this man pushing his bike most mornings as I drove to my appointments. Occasionally I’d also see him in the evenings, walking slowly but purposefully and still pushing his bike. All weather, rain or shine, he was there making slow but steady progress to wherever he was going.

Last week I had some time and decided to pull over and speak to him. His name was Brian and he ran a small business on the trading estate. We chatted for a bit in a bus shelter because it was raining.

Why not just ride the bike?

I was curious and asked him why he was always pushing his bike. Why didn’t he ride it? Wouldn’t that make life easier?

Brian gave me a tired weary look. “Why don’t I ride?” he said. “Well I purchased this bike a year ago to make my life easier. It’s a lovely bike as you can see”

“Yes” I said, “but why don’t you ride it?”

He replied “Well I will one day, but I’ve always been so busy, I haven’t had time to learn how”

Help is at hand

Of course this is a story and Brian doesn’t exist. Or does he?

How many of you are struggling with administration which doesn’t enhance your business and is holding you back?

How many of you have huge periodic work loads which you would love to shift?

The great news is the resource exists, and the even better news is you don’t have to learn to ride a bike. Get in touch with me to discuss how I can help you to work smarter.

I can handle your admin, help with your overload, make you look great in front of your boss or save you the time to do something better.

Don’t be a Brian. Work smart.

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